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Monday, September 19, 2005

Browser War 2.0: Security

I cam a cross this CNET article stating that Symantec found Mozilla-based browsers to the more vulnerable in comparison to IE. While it is important to have browsers that comply to web standards, I personally prefer a more secure product over one that offers more "bells and whistles". Don't get me wrong! I'm just as disappointed as everyone else with Microsoft's stance on not passing the Acid2 Test, but as I flop between Firefox and IE, the one to get installed and set as my default browser will be the one to offer me the best of both worlds - a secure, feature-rich, approaching compliance with Standards' web browsing experience.

If I could merge IE and Firefox I would. I use several features of Firefox that IE doesn't offer, like only loading images from originating web sites, better RSS and developer (web dev. toolbar) support, and tab-based browsing. But I can't run work intranet apps in Firefox because of ActiveX - and I have a great disdain for ActiveX...

Personally, I have some great ideas for a completely managed code web browser, but they'll most likely never come to fruition because of lack of resources. And there's that whole rendering bit and that Microsoft will mostly likely beat me to it...I'd be greatly surprised if IE7 wasn't largely written in C#. I mean, c'mon, BizTalk is WAY more complex than a web browser and even it is written in C#...

But I digress...


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