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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What's in the Name?

When you get down to it, nothing really. The original one got boring and I hated explaining what I meant and all that jazz.

So the new one better reflects who I am and what I'm about. I am a consumer of over-priced coffee. And I do so all too frequently. Their numbers in my area are inversely related to my bank account balance. I've never been to Seattle so if there's something better, maybe I'll discover it but I don't intend on travelling cross-country for brown bubbly beans brewing beverages.

I am attempting to learn, as the posts within attempt to convey, the Agile methods and practices; however, my professional environment isn't condusive to doing such, so much of it is after-hours and well out of the true context of what (I believe) Agile attempts to achieve.

Also, I am a product of my parents - and as far as this blog is concenred, particularly my father. He introduced me to the technologies of Microsoft and, while I've had academic exposure to the other side, I prefer the .Net environment.

I hope that whatever makes its way onto these pages are found useful by someone, aside from myself as just reminders of days of future past. The reason I am a professional software developer is because I derive joy in developing solutions for people that result in making their lives easier. I hope that this blog is just another opportunity for doing just that.



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