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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

Yes, I just quoted Monty Python...And speaking of odd, fad programming languages...

A friend of mine got me reading Scott Hannselman's blog and one of his latest entries was on why Ruby is cool and worth learning. At the end of the post, he provides a link for an opportunity to try Ruby now.

I was skeptical. I figured it was a post on how to setup Linux and getting Apache with Ruby and Ruby on Rails up and running. Not quite so.

The site is an interactive console. Yes. You read that right. An interactive Ruby console. With a tutorial. All AJAXified and spiffy; 'cause that's how those Ruby folks roll. It guides you through interesting Ruby constructs and takes approximately 15 minutes. Really, really interesting and innovative stuff.

Go. Play. Learn Ruby. Do and experience something completely different without "ruining" your machine.