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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Personal Software Project Announcement

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to start talking about the project I'm directing all of my focus on currently that is completely non-work related. So, without further ado, here's the official press release:

Announcing: Project Code-name "Bare-Bones Blog"

After much frustration that I have experienced using Blogger, I've decided to have a go and dip my big toe into the blog application pool. I'm sure there's a lot of "huh?! why???" looks and shaking of heads going on right now...Allow me to elaborate.

It seems like, about 18 months ago, the topic and idea of blogging really took off - at least for me. I interested peeked when I discovered developers, hundreds at the time, within Microsoft publishing details about their work on company projects on MSDN Blogs. This seemed, to me, the primary way of discovering information about Whidbey at the time and was very interesting and intriguingly to me, especially from the view of "leaking" information out to the public. This, inevitably, led to my interest in the technologies behind the blogging sites. I began by looking at the most successful .NET blog application, .TEXT (which is now Community Server).

.TEXT, and blogging in general, fascinated me as the concept is, essentially, a content management application, with a little twist. I clung to .TEXT because of its .NET implementation and spent countless hours studying it. There's countless aspects of the application that I love...Unfortunately, countless that I don't as well - especially requiring a SQL Server 2000 license.

I felt the need/desire to join the "blogosphere" and, with all attempts to get on a site that offered a .NET-based blog application failed, I resorted to Blogger/Blogspot. I'm sure some feel that Blogger is an awesome product and, for the price, you can't beat it. However, there's a lot of functionality that is missing that .TEXT has that I miss. A great example is lack of categories. Simple, yet necessary. I need that - and more - without the SQL Server price tag.

My next couple of posts will detail my proposed functionality and, hopefully, some kind of release schedule/time-frame. I'm looking to incorporate an agile methodology so that, not only are there programming lessons to learn and discover, but also process lessons as well. The initial idea is for everything to be iterative and build up to fully functional application - as agile methodologies promote.

I'd love for feedback and just general input on how it all is evolving.


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