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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"You Doin' Me Wrong" VSS/VS.NET

Rant warning...

So I know we all have our reasons for hating Visual Source[un]Safe, but I've personally had enough. My list of reasons is pretty long:
  1. Doesn't play nicely with web projects that exist outside of wwwroot.
  2. Doesn't play nicely with web projects that exist on IIS with mutliple sites
  3. "Get Latest version (recursive)" within VS.NET 2k3 doesn't always guarantee you that you did, in fact, get the latest version
  4. Files that aren't in the solution/project but are in VSS are not pulled down even if a dependency exists in one or more projects
  5. Why do I need a ".root" project in VSS?
That's not really an exhaustive list, by any means. If anything, the most annoying VSS/VS.NET 2k3 "features" are items 1 and 2. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent at work getting projects/people/PCs setup and its never the same experience...Unfortunately, I'm not a technology decision maker or I'd suggest something like SVN/CVS or some other solution. Even if I was a decision maker, it would be an up hill battle because of our current investment in the terribliness in VSS...

But I digress...


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