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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"I Like Your Style" NAnt/#develop

A coworker came over to me and we were discussing VSS and shadow folders. I mentioned to him, hinting at continuious integration and frequent releases, that it wouldn't take much to have a build get fired off when a file is checked-in because all you'd have to do is watch the directory(ies) for changes. And if you break the build, you'll be flogged, no questions asked. Surprisingly, I got a pretty positive response from him.

This led me to the NAnt web site. I hadn't been there in a while but, apparently, back in April, the guys on the #develop project introduced NAnt integration with their product. I watched the video that's available and it's pretty sweet and really well-integrated. I'd really like to consider these two products but with the lack of WYSIWYG support for ASP.NET and source control integration (VSS or otherwise), I don't see my group favoring it over VS.NET any time soon.

Still...very nice...


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