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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Page One"

...otherwise known as "The Breakthrough":

Scott Bellware
's recent series on a project he's working inspired me to dust off my copy of Domain Driven Design and explore learning how to write software that expressively tackles the problem which it intends to solve. Reviewing and continuing to read the book has lead to several insights and breakthroughs that have left me feeling as though I'm starting back on page one as a programmer. I see things, especially from a business-software perspective, that make me feel compelled to rethink how to solve and tackle problems.

My team doesn't work or even remotely think about these concepts, which should not be seen as a put down; the concepts are very, very difficult to grasp. I, for one, will admit that I've been praising and advocating the use of REPOSITORIES without really understanding what they are or their use for almost a year now, and I'm just now starting to grasp that concept alone. While understanding individual concepts and patterns is extremely important, having an intimate knowledge and understanding of their applications and purposes trumps everything else.

For these reasons, I'm setting up an appointment with my manager and few of our project managers to discuss holding several Brown-Bag events for team to develop a simple reference application together to help gain and share the knowledge of such an important concept. If my proposition is shot down, I'll attempt to do so on my own outside of work and make it available to the community. Either way, postings here will elaborate on the success, failures, struggles, and triumphs all along the way.

Here's to starting at "Page One"...


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