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Saturday, July 23, 2005

FIT Article on MSDN

I'm glad my family keeps everything. While I haven't verified this yet, I believe if I needed, for whatever ridiculous reason, the January 2000 issue of the MSDN Magazine in print I could find it with relative ease. Having said that, stumbling across the February 05 issue was as easy as sitting down in the living room. It was this weekend that I discovered I missed an article in that issue discussing the concept of empowering customers with Excel to produce FIT fixtures for integration/acceptance testing.

Overall, it was a decent article. Stott did a very good job of presenting and introducing FIT and the need for it as a tool for automating acceptance testing. I personally feel that too much time was spent covering how to build your own FIT fixture runner, but it was pretty much a requirement given the route his article took.

In related FIT news, a book devoted to FIT was recently published by Ward Cunningham and Rick Mugridge, if you weren't aware. Cunningham was the author of the original FIT framework. You should be able to obtain a copy now with relative ease; I ordered a copy in mid-June and even though the publish/availability date said 7/5/05 I did not receive it until mid-July. I plan on tackling it next, as soon as I finish Pragmatic Programmer.


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